Sale of Yankee Candle Proves Many are ‘Candle People’

Whether for decoration or calming quality, candles matter to many

For most people there is a pretty clear line between being, and not being, a candle person. The concepts are mutually exclusive, and one either enjoys candles or does not care for them at all. And following the sale of the candle company Yankee Candle for $1.75 billion, it is clear there are many in the former category.

“Candle people” are not too hard to spot. They always take part in the use of candles wherever they can. If a new storefront opens in their area, they are quickly there. If they find new products like scented items or new candle designs, they are quick to snatch them up.

Candle people are willing to put a candle just about anywhere that isn’t a clear fire hazard, and to be honest, there are some who even feign the worry of that hazard (wrong as it may be). The décor in their home is almost always adorned with the use of wax-and-wick items that vary in scent and sensibility.

I’m in here all the time,” said Chittrayo Ratanaudom, an administrative assistant at a Prudential Center investment firm, as she closed her eyes and enjoyed a long sniff of an Apple Pumpkin candle. Her Newton home is filled with Yankee Candles. “They give you an intimate feeling,” she said. “It’s like a sanctuary.”

“We can’t get these in the UK,” said Cat Roy, a vacationing Londoner holding $110 worth of Candy Corn- and Pumpkin-scented candles. “They just sell the basic ones there.”

“They’re homey, but like, someone else’s home.” She paused to consider whose home, exactly. “Like a Midwesterner’s home,” she added as she stood well outside the Yankee Candle shop in the Prudential Center. “It feels like Gabe’s mother’s house.” And who’s Gabe? Her ex.


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