Sweat Shield Undershirt Releases New Infographic on Hyperhidrosis

Have You Heard the Hype Surrounding Hyperhidrosis?
Have You Heard the Hype Surrounding Hyperhidrosis?

Even with summer now on its way out, the remnants of its heat waves are still in full effect. When it comes to heat and humidity, sweating is simply a natural part of the seasonal territory. While most people tend to sweat during the hotter months, it is a way for the body to naturally keep itself cool. People are also most prone to sweating and perspiration in warm and sweltering temperatures. They also tend to perspire when exercising or responding to stressful situations that elicit physical reactions.

In the absence of these causes, however, people can still sweat excessively. This is known as hyperhidrosis, which is covered in a new infographic courtesy of Sweat Shield Undershirts. While sweating is attributed to soaring temperatures and stress, there are times when individuals sweat for no apparent reason. In cases where excessive and unpredictable bouts of sweating or perspiration occur, hyperhidrosis is considered to be the main culprit. This medical condition prevents the body from properly regulating its sweat output.

Based on the infographic, hyperhidrosis causes the average sufferer to produce 4x the average volume of sweat. Nearly 2-3% of the population at large is affected by this medical condition. Sadly, less than 40% of those inflicted seek professional medical advice or treatment for this condition. When it comes to this condition, 50% of reported cases revolve around excessive underarm sweating. Other highly sweat prone areas include the face, hands, feet, and especially the groin.

The infographic also highlights the latest statistics on hyperhidrosis in the U.S. These vital facts and statistics are courtesy of the International Hyperhidrosis Society. Based on these figures, 33% of U.S. adults believe they produce way too much underarm sweat. While 60% of these adults are “very embarrassed” by this condition, only 5% of them have sought medical advice or viable treatment options.

When it comes to underarm sweat, 28% of females believe they produce too much of it. An additional 39% of men also feel the same way. A combined 119% of men and women are simply embarrassed by the excessive sweat they produce in their armpits. While sweat and perspiration affects individuals of all ages, females between 18-34 years of age are particularly affected by it. In the U.S., 77% of these females are embarrassed by excessive underarm sweating. An additional 49% of U.S. females believe they produce too much underarm sweat and perspiration.

While hyperhidrosis is classified as a medical condition, there are certain social implications involved as well. This includes 80% of people that feel limited and self-conscious when meeting other people or colleagues. 55% of surveyed adults also feel unattractive due to visible sweat marks and the odors it produces. 38% of surveyed adults also feel depressed and withdrawn due to their excessive sweating dilemma. While hyperhidrosis is certainly unpleasant, there are ways to combat this ordeal and live a healthy and productive lifestyle.

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