Research Shows Big Breakfast a Bonus in Weight Loss and Health

Those who eat larger portions earlier in the day feel more satisfied as well

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day has been a sort of standard statement for some time in American culture; however, there is new reason to make time to eat the first meal of the day – and to make sure it is a sizable portion.

According to studies, weight loss becomes more effective for many when the first meal is both healthy, well proportioned, and a full nutritional sum, according to Israeli researchers who published the journal Obesity.

The study spanned 12 weeks and utilized 74 women who ate 1,400 calories per day on average. Their diets consisted of an equal breaking of proteins, carbohydrates, and fat. One of the groups ate 700 calories at breakfast (which included a chocolate bar) 500 calories at lunch, and 200 calories at dinner. The second group reversed the process.

The study’s results showed that the group with portions that were larger in the morning were able to lose 250% more weight than those who had the reserve. But the basic weight loss was not the only bonus. The big-breakfast eaters were able to lower their bad cholesterol levels and good cholesterol overall. Their insulin sensitivity levels also were positively affected. What was even more important, the group said that felt less hungry overall, and were able to feel satisfied at a higher rate than the other group.

The reason for the effects is likely due to the basic logic of the body’s metabolizing process. The body burns calories throughout the day. Even when in resting mode, the body will utilize calories earlier in the day to power the body through daily activities that are not strenuous. Conversely, meals near the end of the day have less time to be processed and digested. This means that early large meals can be transformed into energy while later meals are not as likely to be turned into functioning energy.

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