Infographic Displays the History and Use of the Coaxial Cable By Monoprice

A Brief Guide To….Coaxial Cable
The longevity and use of device underscores its importance in society

The phrase coaxial means that two or more forms share a single axis. The coaxial cable is made up of plastic jacket, dielectric insulator, metallic shield, and center core, layered from former to latter.

The infographic released by Monoprice shows the history of the Coaxial cable, which is most commonly known for its use in TV cables and its reception of cable TV signals.

The design and type of cable was first patented in England by one Oliver Heaviside. Four years later, Siemens & Halske patented the coaxial cable in Germany. One decade later the first “waveguide transmission” demonstration was done by Oliver Lodge at the Royal Institute.

The then notes that the first half of the 1900s were a busy time for the development of the coaxial cable. In 1929 the first modern version of the coaxial cable was patented by developers of AT&T, while in 1936, the first closed-circuit transmission was created for the 1936 Summer Olympics within the Berlin games.

That same years, the coaxial made its way under water at the Apollo Bay near Melbourne, Australian to the city of Stanley, Tasmania.

Also in 1936, AT&T was able to simultaneously transmit 240 telephone calls between New York and Philadelphia, while the General Post Office had cable laid between London and Birmingham.

In 1941, the first commercial use for the product was created and nearly 500 phone calls were provided between Wisconsin and Minneapolis via telephone circuits.

Finally, in 1956 the first transmission to cross the Atlantic was made, titled the TAT-1, marking the beginning of the global use for coaxial cables.

Now, coaxial cables are utilized for connecting a variety of electronic devices for long-distance telephone works. However, other technologies have begun encroaching on the coaxial, like fiber optics, T1/E1 lines, and satellites. Still, the Coaxial is used for many of the household electronic needs, including cable internet, measurement electronics, video feeds. Micro-coaxial is still in heavy usage for consumer devices, military equipment,and ultrasound scanning.

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