After Years of Rehab, Accident Victim Faces Painful Decision

Years of hard work and physical therapy may have to be repeated after hip replacement recall

Mark Stephan made national news when he climbed the Willis Tower stairs after a hip replacement. After a bike accident that severed his spine in 2007, Stephan was not even expected to walk again. Now he is facing an additional health crisis and painful choice. The artificial hip replacement he received is defective.

Stephan had the Stryker hip replacement implanted in 2011. However, it has started to corrode and has been recalled by the company. “The reason it makes me angry is because no person has worked as hard as I have, who had been in a compromised situation to bring myself back,” said Stephan. “There are others out there like me, and Stryker needs to be held accountable.”

Chris Hurley, Stephan’s attorney, claims that the Stryker hip replacement was manufactured with two incompatible metals. When introduced into the body, these metals corrode and leak into the bloodstream. The lawsuit alleges that Stryker failed to test the product satisfactorily before selling them. Hurley says, “What makes me angry is to see him fight so hard over the years and put back in this situation by a company that made millions of dollars selling a product to people that hasn’t been vetted.” Stryker has not commented on the lawsuit.

Stephan, who recently finished cross-country bike trip of 3,000 miles to benefit the rehab center that helped him recover, now faces a difficult choice. He can either leave the implant in his body and risk kidney and liver damage or undergo another painful surgery to replace it.


Stryker Hip Lawsuit Center ( was hired by a third party vendor, Broadspire Services, Inc. to handle requests for reimbursement for patients for costs associated with the testing and treatments related to the recalled devices, patients should be aware of other alternatives.

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