Web Content Management Frustrates Marketers

IT and marketing decision makers agree on WCM shortfalls

Marketers and IT professionals rarely see eye to eye on things but there is one thing they do agree upon according to a recent study — current web content management (WCM) systems do not make the grade.

According to a new report from SDL, a global customer-experience management provider, 70 percent of IT and marketing managers are dissatisfied with their current WCM systems. The most common complaints are inadequate functionality for managing content of multiple brands across categories and complexity in localizing content. Platform management, support and implementation were found to be equally frustrating.

In the study, 61 percent of respondents said enabling collaboration and creation in the website building process was tricky despite WCM’s promise to the contrary. Installation processes were difficult as was integration with other digital components such as web analytics and media-asset management systems. Many respondents also uttered concerns with cost of ownership, chiefly licensing fees.

An earlier study conducted by Forrester confirmed these concerns. Twenty percent of IT decision makers blamed poor strategy development, 37 percent blamed wrong technology selection and 50 percent blamed their frustrations on internal implementation problems.

Although WCMs are supposed to be easy to use, they are a handful for a variety of reasons. Their solutions are varied and complex. Application and system infrastructure are prone to a high rate of change and often require an IT team specialized in the skill and knowledge to monitor, manage, deploy, evaluate and upgrade the required software for the infrastructure. The Forrester study found that most companies do not have in-house experts to undertake these complex initiatives, which creates internal marketing frustrations over slower time to market with promotions, messaging and new websites.

Hosted WCM solutions can solve these varied and costly difficulties as well as change the industry’s dissatisfaction curve. Businesses that move quickly to invest in these technologies will have a distinct competitive advantage in both cost savings and efficiency. They will be in the best position to attract and sell to consumers across wide ranging digital touch points.

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