Monoprice Infographic Explains the Origin and Use of A/V Cables

A Brief Guide To… “A/V Cables”
Connectors have persisted as major electronic video/audio connector since 1940s

Many feel utterly confused by A/V (RCA) cables, despite the electronic connectors being around since the 1940s, which is why Monoprice released a new infographic showing a brief guide to A/V cables.

RCA stands for Radio Corporation of America, and the cables are radio frequency coaxial connector. The term A/V is a shorthand for the use of the plugs as audio/video connectors. The types are used almost universally in order to connect the 20th and 21st century electronic devices to allow for the audio and video capabilities.

The connectors are composed of male push-in ends and connect directly to devices female entrances. The entrances and connector ends correlate in color to avoid confusion. Even items that do not possess the common three-prong type of RCA can be utilized through adapters that convert to a mono-audio outlet or an all-in-one outlet.

The common color utilized are red, white, and yellow. However some others that allow for higher quality connectors that utilize the green, blue, and red coloration. These are often associated with high-definition viewing and audio.

Bullet plug variations are also available and have a hollow center to the male conductor end, unlike standard, which have a rounded end. Composite video plug capabilities are also available. This type is seen most commonly on the XBox 360, and has a three-prong A/V cable with a single pinpoint return for plugging into the device.

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