Study Research Shows Burst Workouts Good For Weight Loss

Expert says workouts have definite health benefits

While many exercise through hours of grueling hour-long (or more) workouts, researchers are now saying that exercise intensity is the more important factor. The concept may turn workouts on their head as many believed that long stints for workouts was what counted most.

“What we learned is that for preventing weight gain, the intensity of the activity matters more than duration,” according to a study released Sept. 1 on Eureka Alerts. “Knowing that even short bouts of brisk activity can add up to a positive effect is really an encouraging message for promoting better health.”

In the study that was published with the American Journal of Health Promotion, researchers from the University of Utah looked at the daily activities of over 4,500 individuals over a three-year span. The researcher found that the short-burst workouts with high intensity exercise made a difference in weight management.

“Taking the stairs, walking to the store or between errands are choices that can add up and can end up making a positive health difference,” said lead researcher Dr. Jessie X. Fan.

Researchers now state that a one-minute bursts of intensity can hold dramatic impact on the overall weight control for an individual, if followed over a sustained period of weeks. “This means that when comparing two women (each 5-feet-5-inches tall), the woman who regularly adds a minute of brisk activity to her day will weigh nearly a half-pound less,” according to the report. “Results were similar for men.”

Fitness trainers are now beginning to note the benefits of high-intensity interval training, and turning away from longer stints that hold lower-intensity workouts when it comes to weight loss.

It ought be noted that the effects of longer and shorter workouts for items like heart health, overall blood-pressure, and stress, were not calculated in the studies. The message is: a little more effort can have an important health payback,” said Dr. Fan.

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