Aussie Travel Revenue Picks Up in 2013

July sees quality rise in numbers thanks to robust tourism

There should be celebration within the tour industry as figures released from July’s totals show record numbers of individuals frequenting paid accommodations with a bump of nearly 5.9% for all international visits.

Nearly 184,000 individuals enjoyed New Zealand in July, which accounted for over two million nights paid for in accommodating hotels and suites. Many regions appeared to be enjoying the benefits of bolstered numbers of visitors, with nine of the 12 showing growth in in their total of overnight visitors.

There were even some surprising, as backpacking say a rise of 4% in July as compared to the 2012 numbers from the same time period.

“Compared to last year, our numbers have doubled since last winter,” she says. “The last few months alone, it was really good between March to July.”

The hotel sector enjoyed a 3.8% increase in visitors, while the Tourism Association hotel sector’s Racheal Shadbolt stated that the increases come down to a single concept: “business as usual year”.

“… we haven’t seen any unusual events impact on people traveling, be that positive or negative events, like earthquakes or Rugby World Cups. It’s just been a good year of good steady business,” she says. “The Global Financial Crisis seems to be at an end, the international markets are starting to travel again, the corporates are traveling.”

The weather was thankfully accommodating throughout the summer season, as the summer was properly warm, followed by snow arriving the proper areas just in time for skiers to arrive.

Professor Simon Milne, Tourism Research Institute Director stated: “I think the Australian market is going to continue to be a dominant market for us,” he says. “I think we are likely to see some possible downturns as some negative financial data starts to come out of the country but I don’t think there’s much doubt that they’re going to continue on as our number one market.”


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