Woman Charged over $30,000 for Uploading Photos from Phone

Phone bill costs a pretty penny when she returns from Holiday to Turkey

Posting vacations pictures is something so many do on a daily basis when they are lucky enough to get away to exotic or foreign locations. A lot of times the photos come directly from a smartphone.

But after the story that Helen Christie has shared, some vacationers will want to think twice before they begin to upload pictures from their phones. That is because Christie found an unpleasant surprise from her trip to Turkey: A $32,000 phone bill.

The reason for the bill was a roaming charge that was added to each picture she uploaded to her Facebook, and that charge came out to $4,300 per day. “I just thought it might be nice to put a few pictures on Facebook. I didn’t have a clue what on earth had gone on,” 40-year-old London resident Helen Christie said.

The $32,000 bill was nearly twice what she makes each year. According to the company Christie uses, she chose to use a “Traveler Saver” bundle rather from her company, and opted for a normal cap on the web charges that the company allows, set at $67 per day.

While her cellphone company stated they would cut her bill down do to Exceptional circumstance” to $1,400, Christie still plans on fighting the charges in court. Christi’s fight comes at a time when the European Commission is attempting to end data charges across Europe within the next three years.

Under the new rules, if passed, mobile carriers would not be allowed to charge any extra fees for the incoming calls to phones from abroad. It would force companies to further regulate prices for phone calls across the EU to a flat rate.

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