Local Females Training on Firearms

On Oct. 3 and 5, ladies from Adams county, Mississippi will join the Adam’s County Sheriff and his deputies to learn about methods of self defense.

A two-day self defense course beginning on Thursday will join Sheriff Chuck Mayfield and several other NRA certified Sheriff’s deputies to help women learn the importance of being aware of your surroundings and having the right plan in case of emergencies, as well as learning firearm safety.

Sheriff Mayfield is expected to lead a class of approximately 25 people and will go over different scenarios of attack, and will course members through the use of personal stories and hypothetical situations to teach on what to do when threatened by an attacker.

Members of the class will be given a chance to look at the security equipment up close and get acquainted on how to use it. One of the most important things about using a powerful weapon is understanding it and learning how to use it without being afraid of it.

Attendees have been given the option of using their own firearms or practicing with those provided by the Adams County Sheriff’s office. Before target practice, instructors will cover topics of gun maintenance and cleaning, how to hold a gun and what plan to have in place when having someone in your home or following you in public.

Classes will be 2 hours long, and are provided as a service to the community, free of charge. According to Sheriff Mayfield, the Ladies Beware program will be taught to the women of Adams County on a quarterly schedule, so anyone not able to make it this term will be offered the lessons again.

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