Study Says Musicians Recognize and Correct Errors Faster

Another reason to take up musical interest established

According to a new study from St. Andrews University, Musicians possess sharper minds and are able to correct their own errors faster than non-musical counterparts.

The behavior of musicians and nonmusicians were researched in the form of brain responses of amateur musicians as compared to non-musicians when it came to basic mental tasks.

The results collected by the researchers found that playing musical instruments (at moderate to advanced levels) improved ability to detect personal error and correctly adjust at more effective levels.

Musicians also responded faster than those without any training, with no loss of acuracy, according to the study. While variations occurred in both factions, the general rule of thumb was that those who carried with them some form of musical endeavor simply created higher average scores in ability to recognize and correct errors.

Research was spearheaded by Ines Jentzsch, a psychologist, and the study was noted in the university’s School of Psychology and Neuroscience.”Our study shows that even moderate levels of musical activity can benefit brain functioning,” she said.

“Our findings could have important implications as the processes involved are amongst the first to be affected by ageing, as well as a number of mental illnesses such as depression. “The research suggests that musical activity could be used as an effective intervention to slow, stop or even reverse age or illness-related decline in mental functioning.”

Regarding the study, Pianist Dr. Jentzsch stated: “Musical activity cannot only immensely enrich our lives but the associated benefits for our physical and mental functioning could be even more far-reaching than proposed in our and previous research.”


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