Programs on Saving Energy Can Save Money

Learning about proper sealants and appliances saves big money

In the Energy Conservation Life Skill Class at the community center, thirty individuals learned about effective ways to save energy and money.

West Central Missouri Community Action Agency sponsored the class on the study, which helps participants receive energy conservation training, along with receiving kits valued at $50.

The kits had refrigerator thermometer, strip surge protector, adhesive sealant, multipack foam sealers, and much more.

David Johnson, who works as an energy conservation auditor, explained the kits and lectured on energy efficiency and energy tips.

The topics included weatherization, caulking of windows, insulation basics, blocking drafts, appliance settings, and lighting, heating, and water conservation. The use of saving energy is that one will also save money as well, naturally. By using each of the strategies, one can lower his/her bill by nearly half. Of course, there is variations depending upon appliance types and number of individuals using items in the house. But overall, savings can be made for any situation.

“There was a real hunger to find out how to save energy and money,” Marye Sanderson, West Central Community Services Specialist, said. “This was our first energy class, and it turned out really well.”

According to Sanderson, West Central holds applications for its weatherization program. A free program is eligible to applicants that install energy saving measures to lower the costs and consumption of heating or cooling bills.

Sanderson noted that the agency’s Low Income Heat Assistance program runs October through November for all eligible applicants, and that the program will help with assisting in heating bills for not only families, but the elderly and the disabled.


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