Financial Guru Anthony Manganiello Teaches Individuals How To Use Money They Are Already Making To Solve Financial Problems

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Financial guru and author of the The Debt-FREE Millionaire, Anthony Manganiello believes that bankruptcy and financial ruin are not foregone conclusions.

Phoenix – Since the Great Recession of 2008 millions of people in the United States and globally have been saddled with migraines from trying to figure out how to tackle their mounting debt.

In fact, according to the Federal Reserves as of June 2013 American consumers owe $11.19 trillion, with the average US household credit card debt standing at $15,216 and $7,098 owed on cards.

Clearly, these statistics are staggering even overwhelming for some; however, financial guru and author of the The Debt-FREE Millionaire, Anthony Manganiello believes that bankruptcy and financial ruin are not foregone conclusions.

Manganiello claims that he “has perfected a formula for helping individuals to use money they are already making to solve financial problems.”

“I discovered—over almost two decades of study and hard work—that money myths, the ones we’ve all been taught our whole lives, were the very things that were holding me back. In fact, most of what we’ve learned from well-meaning parents and trusted advisors is just plain WRONG!”

To his credit, since 1995 Anthony has used these secrets to help hundreds of thousands of people learn how to become completely debt free, save thousands of dollars in interest payments, create great credit, and retire rich.

To educate and train a new generation of consumers, as well as retrain individuals whom have found themselves in “financial hardship”, Manganiello, Founder,, has teamed up with Pamper Me Network to share with the world his secrets.

“We are very excited to work with the Debt Free Academy”, says Matrix Thompson, VP, Pamper Me Network

“People all over the world need access to the knowledge that Anthony has acquired since 1995 to enhance their lives and lifestyles. We cannot wait to start distributing his video series, promoting his book(s) and helping people to solve their financial problems.”

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