SEO Strategies Require Deep Analytics and Wide Spread Dedication

Like anything else, SEO needs to be taken seriously to succeed

A recent study by Conductor, a leading SEO platform, found that evangelism and detailed reporting are at the heart of successful SEO campaigns. Evangelism is the dedication with which an SEO campaign is implemented and reporting is the results of the interoperation of data compiled in the analysis process (analytics).

In the study, researchers found that 63 percent of top class companies said that cross-company support and dedication to the strategy was highly critical to success in dominating SERPs. A lack of zeal for “evangelism” seems to be keeping laggards from achieving their goals. Fewer than 30 percent of the stragglers gave evangelism much priority.

The study found that top-notch search engine marketing practices prioritized a deep assessment of content analytics. The characteristic was found in all the businesses that came to the top of the rankings. Conversely, companies seeing less impressive results were found to be three times less likely to scratch the surface of their performance benchmarks. The best in class agreed, with statements such as “there is insight hidden in the data if I look at it from different angles such as by keyword segment.” The laggards commented, “one-size fits all reporting works fine” and “frequency of reporting is not that critical.”

Top performers also invest unreservedly in their SEO practices as well as being results-driven. There is no ‘secret’ to scoring high SERP positions, these findings suggest. However, companies cannot simply apply basic SEO principles to their content creation and expect to rise to top positions in search rankings. Companies that seek out granular content analytics and create sophisticated SEO strategies retain these positions.



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