Zac Efron Thanks Fans for Support After Cocaine Rehab Stay

After spending a short while in rehab for cocaine addiction, Zac Efron thanks his fans for the support they’ve given him.

Zac Efron wrote on his personal Facebook page last week and thanks fans for the support the past few weeks. He let them know that he spent some time in Peru with his dad. The post included an incredible photo of Efron with the ruins of Machu Picchu in the background. The picture shows him happy and healthy, and completing an idyllic scenario.

The Hairspray actor took to Facebook and Twitter to thank his fans for the support they’ve given him during his trial as a cocaine addict and his experiment with a rave drug called ‘Molly’, according to TMZ.

The backpacking trip was a gift from his dad and implies that he’s been doing a lot better since he got out of rehab with the solid support from his family. However, no one, including family or staff, has released any information about alcohol or drug addiction. It seems the silence about the issue is going to stay as his rep told TMZ earlier “Don’t think we’ll be making a comment”. It could possibly be that Efron wants to keep his personal life, personal. However, the backpacking trip was reportedly designed to give perspective and inspiration to help Efron continue on his journey.

Efron was last seen in public promoting one of his newest projects, “Parkland” at the Toronto Film International Festival early in September. Marcia Gay Harden praised the young actor for the effort to fight his demons.


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