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The Most Expensive Gemstones in the World
Red Diamond Makes The List As the Most Expensive Known Gemstone

Gems and precious stones have always been a source of interest and inspiration for humans since the days of their earliest discovery and subsequent cultivation. There are many small gems and stones around the world, and even the more common of men can buy them with a little savings and patience. However, there are some gems that stand out above the rest, and that is why Gemstones Advisor created an infographic depicting the most expensive gems

According to the infographic, both the Jermejevite and the Blue garnet are rare stones that fetch a standard pricing of $1,500 per carat. The Jeremejevite is found in a blue form variation, while the blue garnet can range from its common blue to a purple or red hue.

The Taaffeit, which was discovered in 1945 by Count Edward Taaffe and fetches $2,000 per carat currently. Also in the same price range is the Black Opal, which was found in Australia and is considered extremely rare. Considering just how rare, the stone is rather affordable. Demontoid Garnet is another $2,000-per stone, known for its striking green.

In the $3,000-per-carat range comes the is the Poudretteite and Benitoite. The former originates from Canada with soft pinkish coloring, while the later is found in California and holds a deep blue shade. There is but one mine known to house the gem. Stones of more than one carat are highly rare.

The always-elegant and well-known sapphires often sell in the $4,000 to $6,000 range. While known for their blue coloring, the gems can come in a variety of colors and cover a wide spectrum.

Also in the $6,000-per-carat range is the Musgravite, found in 1967. It is most known for its green and violet hues. Since its discovery in the early 2000s, a mere handful of the cut gems have been crafted. The mines for the gems are located in Madagascar and Tanzania.

The infographic points to emeralds (at $8,000) and Bixbit or Red Beryl at $10,000 as next on the list for more elegant stones. Also at $10,000 per carat is the Alexandrite, originally found in China and Japan, which comes in stunning purplish-pink coloration.

The Paraiba Tourmaline, from Brazil comes in at $12,000 per carat. The vivid colors gave it the nickname ‘neon tourmaline’. The gem is only surpassed by the top gem on the list, Diamond. Long known as the most elegant and perfect gemstone, the diamond continues its prestigious reign at $15,000 per carat.

Gemstones Advisor hopes to bring a little more clarity to the jewelry market as they provide resources for pricing and market trends.


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