Mayweather Bets Big on College Football

Cites change in betting line for not backing Manziel and the Razorbacks

Apparently Floyd Mayweather has very little faith in Johnny Manziel, even if he feigned he did in the past. Following his winning $200,000 on Texas A&M the week prior and explaining to Howard stern that he would put up to $300,000 on old Johnny Football, Mayweather tweeted that he bet on the Aggies to beat the Razorbacks.

He stated in a tweet “I bet $30k on the 2nd half. Good work @Jmanziel2” along with a picture which was later taken down. He then stated the reason for his change in the betting strategy, saying “When the betting line changed from -3 to -14, I couldn’t bet $300k. Too dangerous.”

Certainly one tenth his original bet is a big of a drastic drop. It may be the first time Floyd has ever chickened out of a challenge. While many thought Mayweather had Manziel’s back, apparently the bottom line is just a bit stronger than comradery. For a man who made multi-millions for his last fight, that may seem a bit silly. At the same time, one who makes so much money likely does so based partially on managing money well.

But it wasn’t the only cash Floyd put down on the games over the weekend. He also placed $100,000 on the first half of the Miami Hurricanes game, as Miami covered by leading 35-7 by the halftime whistle.

“I couldn’t wait on Johnny Football. The early bird gets the $86,956 worm.” Floyd tweeted.

But the champ did not get them all right, as he lost $40,000 on the second half of the Miami game. Still, that is likely no more than private-jet gas money to a man flush with so much cash. “Money” is certainly cleaning up not only inside the ring, but also in the sportsbooks of Vegas. One has to wonder just how far his betting will take him. There have been many horror stories in the past, but that’s neither here nor there if Floyd keeps winning.


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