Study Shows Half an Hour Workouts Work Better for Weight Loss

30-minute workouts are more effective than an hour when it comes to losing weight.

According to a recent Danish study, those who exercise for just 30 minutes a day lost 33% more weight than those who worked out for an hour.

The scientists believe that the shorter workout stints left individuals with more energy throughout the day and promoted a stronger healthy lifestyle in subjects. For those who hit the gym for longer, they often felt burnt out or unable to continue through the day with the same energy.

“The subjects in the test group that exercised the least talk about increased energy levels and a higher motivation for exercising and pursuing a healthy everyday life,” said study author Dr. Astrid Jesperson of the University of Copenhagen. “They take the stairs, take the dog for an extra walk or cycle to work.” In contrast, the subjects “who exercised for one hour a day, after training, felt exhausted, demotivated and less open to making a healthy change,” she added.

“We are thus seeing that a moderate amount of exercise will significantly impact the subjects’ daily practices.”

The study was published in an online Journal of Public Health in Scandinavia, and the work monitored moderately overweight individuals for 13 weeks. Half of the subjects were asked to exercise vigorously for 30 minutes per day by either jogging, cycling, or cross training, while the other half exercised for a full hour. The result was that those who did the latter felt they had less energy throughout the day, while the former group expressed having more energy.

A 10-pound loss average was seen in men for the shorter workout group. The group with the longer workouts saw an average of eight pounds.

Other recent research have noted similar payoffs to shorter workouts. In may, a PLOS ONE journal study showed that overweight and inactive men can become fitter with as little as four minutes of Vigorous high-intensity training less than half the days of the week.


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