NYC Residents Sue City Over Injuries Sustained from Bike Docks

Three separate instances all involve the bicycle docking station

According to legal filings recently set, Citi Bike docking stations are more than just annoying parking-spot destroyers, they are also health hazards. Now, a group of three pedestrians have set forth a movement to sue the city over injuries that they claim were sustained when they tripped over bicycle parking stations.

Lashonne Shelton, Howard Orlick, and Diana Mathes have all filed separate intent to set claim as each charges that they were victims of a “trap-like” condition that only exists due to the racks being in place.

The city Controller’s office handles the injury claims stemming from such instances, of which these were filed in May.

Shelton, who is a single mother, works for the NYPD, and stated she had been walking through Center and Worth Streets when she tumbled over a newly installed dock.

“It’s our claim the bike rack was positioned in a manner that created a dangerous and defective condition,” said her lawyer, Mark Grodberg.

The second individual, Orlick, stated he ran into a dock near Union Square last May, nearly three weeks before the program was actually launched. Orlick is legally blind and sustained an injury to his ankle thanks to what his claim describes as an optical illusion created by the shape and style of the docking pieces.

“Visually, it looks l like the bike rack is on the sidewalk, because it is the same color as the sidewalk. However, it actually is the street,” he wrote. “May I suggest you paint the bike rack base a different color, like black?”

Mathes’ claim came after the program was actually underway, as well as being the only that involves bikes actually being in the docks. Her claim comes from a literal run-in during July as she was “caused to and did trip and fall as the result of a defective, dangerous and hazardous trap-like condition” caused by a “defective bike stand.”


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