Backlinking Now Involves Quality of Quantity

SEO firms may need to switch up their game

It is the normal that when Google releases an update to the general algorithm that is used to determine website ranking index, advice tends to be that the alterations mean little in the grand scheme. Firms worth their salt don’t worry about engine spamming techniques that churn out high totals of content full of keywords and meaningless actual clout. Irrelevant links do little if anything if content is low-end, which spam always is. The focus is instead engaging content, which is why the changes made in Google that came with the recent Penguin 2.1 update cause a bit of a stir.

Some may have noticed a bit of a suffering in their rankings, and that was noted to have correlation to bad incoming links, which can sometimes be attributed to firms or work that is no longer actively involved in the work.

Such incoming links, which are referred to as backlinks, are a primary section of the Google method of ranking. At its purest form, Google looks at how the links’ quality matches up with the amount of content. All things equal, the site with the most incoming links ranks higher than those without. And in the past, that sheer quantity beat the quality. However, that is no longer the case, and it has caused a bit of a stir in the community.

Given that now Google has changed, the game simply isn’t the same across the board. First there was only the Panda update which was followed by Penguin a year later. Suddenly the quantity of links was just not as important. Many websites watched ranks fall. As online marketing specialist Kristin Hines put it “Can bad content you’ve created or links you built from years ago come back to haunt you? Absolutely! This is one major surprise for webmaster whose sites were hit with either Google Panda or Penguin.”

Now the bad linking can damage a ranking, and that means headaches for those who cut corners on quality. Overall, it is likely good for those who focus away from sheer totality. But for many it is a practice in paradigm shifting.


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