zData Inc. Includes Amazon Redshift as Part of its 2012 Big Data-as-a-Service Initiative

zData, a leader in Big Data Warehousing in the cloud, has announced its Kickstart services offerings and support for the Amazon Data Warehouse Platform: Redshift. zData’s expert Big Data Services teams are poised to help customers explore their options to migrate to cloud based analytics and EDW offerings.

“zData has been managing MPP data warehouses on Amazon for two years now, this new movement will allow more companies to focus funds on extracting value from their data rather than infrastructure.” – Dan Feldhusen (VP Business Development)

The focus of zData has been helping companies with the fundamental concepts of doing data warehousing in mpp and cloud environments leveraging technologies like Greenplum and Hadoop. Their Top Five cloud data services drivers for 2012 have been:

1) Integration
2) Scalability
3) Performance
4) Reliability
5) Security

zData’s experts have offered new adopters the confidence they need to experiment with BI/DW in remote hosted environments like EC2. By managing the migration, loading and ETL process zData has provided a way for companies to get their feet wet before they go all in.

zData is a startup founded in 2010 focused on Big Data technologies and Analytics. zData has many new announcements coming in 2013 including its partnership with Tackle.IO to deliver world class integration and ETL software for Big Data in the cloud. A signature partner of EMC zData provides enterprise services for Greenplum and Hadoop giving it ideal positioning for integration services for Postgres based Redshift and Elastic Map Reduce.