Home Aquaria Infographic Explains Pros and Cons of Saltwater Vs Freshwater Tanks

Fish Tanks: Saltwater vs Freshwater
Targeting first time tank buyers, Home Aquaria Creates Tank Options Infographic

Choosing to take on the relaxing pleasures and aesthetic beauty of an aquarium is something many decide to enjoy at some point in their life. Aquariums are a great source of positive atmosphere and a window in the wonderment of amazing creates. But there is one decision every fan of the items has to decide on: Whether or not to have a freshwater or saltwater tank. That is why HomeAquaria.com released an infographic explaining the difference between the two.

Often individuals think that having a saltwater tank provides more options in lifeforms to house, and find the concept to be more exotic and elegant. However, freshwater tanks provide as many options and, as the infographic points out, are often easier to upkeep and maintain financially.

For those who are new to owning sea-life and aquariums, having a freshwater aquarium is likely the best starting point for a few reasons.

First, the entire setup is easier to maintain. The cleaning process is more simple and the lifeforms are less dramatically impacted by small changes in the environment. Both the aquarium and the animals themselves are cheaper as well. The health impact is also easier on humans, as there is less risk of disease from freshwater creatures.

Freshwater aquariums can be either acrylic or glass, while saltwater tanks must be glass. So once again, more flexibility is a preferred trait for freshwater tanks. There are even more options with plant life for the fresh-versions. And again, small changes will impact these species less than their saltwater brethren.

Even just affording the tank is easier with freshwater tanks. The tanks can range anywhere from $3 for a small bowl, to $100 for a solid-sized piece. Saltwater tanks often go for much more, and need more precise and calibrated filtration systems to maintain the health of the lifeforms housed inside.

Home Aquaria hopes that the infographic helps individuals find all the information and products they need for both salt- and freshwater tanks, with their helpful reviews and product browser.


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