Vape Store Went from Closet to Storefront

Pekin man who couldn’t find his favorite flavor of ecigarette at his frequent store, opened up his own online store.

When Justin Jones was unable to find his favorite flavor of e-cigarette in his favorite tobacco shop, he went online to see if he could locate it online rather than wait for it to arrive at the shop.

“A whole world opened up when I started looking for this stuff and (I) got the wife to do it as well; we both quit (smoking),” says Jones, a 28-year-old resident of Manito. “So I would buy a bunch of supplies and help out my friends and family (to) quit smoking, and then they would tell their friends, and it just kind of blew up.”

His wife and his brother all work at the JJ Vapes, which recently opened up. The now titled “vapes” are the new term for the e-cigs community that is being used to help differentiate them and separate them from the smoking of tobacco in the traditional fashion. Justin has a full time job working with ADT Security, but has been on medical leave and so has been able to turn his focus toward the local business, which he began last September.

While the business may have started out of his closet, it quickly moved down to the basement, and now he has to supply a store’s worth of product to keep up with demand.

The electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices that heat liquid to create a vapor. The different flavors of liquid smoke have created a sensation amongst many who partake in the vaping, and the inhaled flavors are a big hit across most of the smoking demographics.

With all the benefits of the nicotine fix for smokers, while removing the smell, social stigma, and extensive health concern list of standard smoking, many have turned to vaping. The levels of nicotine can also be controlled by the user, and many have utilized the capability to work toward quitting smoking, if they so desire.

Justin stated that he stays away from flavorings overseas as he wants to use factories that have USDA approved products. This is a strong selling point got customers. “It’s almost like a thank you to them for still ordering online because they can just drive over here and they have to wait for their products, so to me it’s just kind of a courtesy thing,” Natasha Jones says.


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