5 Techniques To Improving PPC Results Using SEO Data

Paid and organic keyword or query data can be viewed in one place now according to AdWords

AdWords now allows you to access a report within the interface that displays organic and paid keyword/query data all in one place. Here are five different ways to enhance PPC using the SEO data and metrics the report provides:

1. Ranking Reports

You can now find up and coming competition in your niche and include them in you competitor strategy. In your web ranking section of the report for organic keywords, pick out the terms where your SEO rankings are slipping. The slip in ranking may be due to new competition entering the vertical experimentally before ramping up their PPC ads.

2. New AdWords Organic Vs. Paid Report

Utilizing this report allows you to see how successful any given term is when ranked together organically and in paid search results. Save yourself some trouble by finding terms where you would not be as successful without representation in both mediums. There is no need to pay for keyword clicks in PPC for terms you are already ranking highly for organically.

3. Geographic Targeting

The report allows you to look at organic search traffic from a location standpoint. By picking out areas of opportunity where traction is picking up or your brand is gaining search volume, you can more directly target this growing audience. Increase ad copy and bids based on conversion and performance data.

4. High Bounce Rates

Check out bounce rates on those pages when looking at your conversion process and keep more customers in the funnel by plugging the holes. Not many search managers reference this data when analyzing areas for improvement but improved conversion rates are good for all types of traffic sources, not only PPC.

5. Slow load issues

Your quality score will affect your rankings. The report highlights site speed problems in Analytics. Get ahead of the curve, find and adjust pages with low site speeds before your quality score dips. This is another metric search managers only look at reactively.

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