Extreme Weather Spawns Roofing Scams

Con artist see the aftermath of severe storms as an opportunity

When high wind and damaging storms blow through Plattsmouth, Nebraska, it seems to bring con artists out of the woodwork. Many of these scammers are posing as roofing contractors and cold calling households to gather personal information. They claim they have driven past the house while working in the area and noticed storm damage to the roof.

The con artists say they offer a free estimate to sound legitimate and then try to get your information and swindle you, says Kristina Thompson. Thompson got a call last week but was not fooled by the sweet deal. “There’s no gaping holes in it. There’s no things sticking out, there’s no branches. There’s no obvious damage,” says Thompson.

There was a big storm last week so scammers think they can outsmart people like her. She said, “(He) claimed to be working on roofs in the area and that his crew drove by my house and saw that we had hail damage on our roof.” You cannot see Thompson’s roof from the road since trees in the front yard obscure the view. She was not tricked by this scam artist or the other two that have called after heavy storms since she got her new roof three years ago.

Thompson is a little perplexed as to how the conmen got her unlisted number and other information though. “(They) called my husband by name and our name isn’t on the side of our house or anything. So how did they get my phone number and how did they get our name?” asked Thompson. She may not ever find out but she has caller ID and is reporting the scammers so others will not fall into the trap. “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” she says.

Legitimate contractors suggest that people who need roof repair initiate the call to roofing company and not take cold calls. They encourage people to never give out any personal information over the phone, especially if it is an incoming call. You can never be sure of whom it is unless you made the call yourself. If the call is from a real roofing company but there are no actual damages to the roof, report the company to the Better Business Bureau and they will revoke their accreditation.

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