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An infographic on ugly Christmas sweater has been compiled by The infographic contains information such as the origin of the tradition and famous people known for sporting them.

The Christmas sweater has the unfortunate status of being considered one of the worst items to receive during the holidays. Hand-made sweaters are considered special since they carry the sincerity and effort of the person giving it. But the change in fashion trend has transformed the warm reception for the Christmas sweater in to aversion and ridicule. The item is usually stored inside cabinets and boxes with a little chance of being used again.  But the item regains its utility especially during the 20th of December (some people consider this to be ugly Christmas sweater day). Every 20th of December, people would celebrate the humor in wearing the gaudiest and most hideous Christmas sweater that they have. In order to learn more about this peculiar tradition, the website prepared an infographic that chronicles the history and importance of the Christmas sweater. It explains the humble beginnings of the infamous item.

The infographic defined ugly Christmas sweater as any Christmas themed sweater with bad taste, tacky design, and gaudy look. Bill Cosby is considered the father of ugly Christmas sweater as he frequently wore the item during his TV series, “The Cosby Show”. The actor became iconic along with his sweater that helped the item become popular. The first ugly sweater party was recorded at Vancouver, Canada in 2002. Currently, the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver holds the party annually with attendees required to wear an ugly sweater. Aside from the item’s history, the infographic also outlines interesting facts and figures related to ugly Christmas sweater (which by the way, are known as “Christmas Jumpers” in the UK and Ireland). The popularity of the tradition has reached an all-time high, with thousands of people scouring the Internet and malls for an ugly Christmas sweater. On, one ugly Christmas sweater was sold for $600. Aside from Bill Cosby, there are also other famous people known for wearing ugly Christmas sweater such Colin Firth, Chevy Chase, and Val Doonican. There is even a book, Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book, dedicated to the unique tradition.

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