Double-Blind Clinical Study Shows That “GenF20 Plus” Increased HGH Levels By 28% In Twelve Weeks

“GenF20 Plus exhibited a 28.57% increase in IGF-1 Levels”
Results are in, and GenF20 Plus has been proven to live up to its claims. A 28.57% Increase in serum IGF-1 levels was observed.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, October 22, 2013, With all of the HGH Releasers on the market, it is good to see a product that is backed-up by successful Clinical Studies. GenF20 Plus has just published the results of a Double-Blind Clinical Study performed by Dr. Anuradha Kulkarni, of Vedic Lifesciences. The results prove once again the value of HGH Precursors in their ability to raise serum IGF-1 blood plasma levels. IGF-1 is the marker used to determine levels of HGH in the human body.

In this ground-breaking study, two groups of participants were studied for twelve weeks. One group received GenF20 Plus, and the other group received a placebo. The objective of the study was to determine if GenF20 Plus can increase Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF-1), in and of itself. The group that received the GenF20 Plus exhibited a 28.57% increase in IGF-1 Levels, while the placebo group showed a -0.55% increase in IGF-1 Levels. Dr. Kulkarni concluded that the impressive results in such a short period of time (12-weeks), can be correlated to an even higher increase in a longer period of time.

GenF20 Plus is a dietary supplement that has been scientifically formulated to encourage the human body to secrete more of its own HGH, rather than having to inject HGH by prescription. The benefit of using a “secretagogue” over injections are many. The cost of using prescription HGH is prohibitive to most people, and the injections can be quite painful. There is also a risk of side effects, such as: headaches, retention of fluids, insulin resistance and gynecomastia (male breasts). The use of these synthetic HGH products can also cause a hormonal imbalance.

Some consumers have been duped into buying HGH releasing products that are unproven. Some of these are Homeopathic Compounds claimed to release HGH. The only problem with Homeopathic Compounds is that when subjected to Lab Tests, they show what is called “Below Detectable Levels” (BDL) of the active ingredients. What sense does it make to take a product that shows zero of the active ingredient? Customer Testimonials are coming in every day praising the effects of taking GenF20 Plus. It is hard to argue with success.

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