Organic Bedding Is Experiencing Extraordinary Organic Growth

The OMI category is growing at more than 20% per year, says Organic Mattresses Inc. founder

Former marketing teacher, Walt Bader, is making his case for the organic bedding category at his showroom in Yuba City, California. The showroom is filled with certified organic mattresses. Bader is a true believer in this type of product and each mattress is painstakingly produced by a veteran workforce. He references retail success stories such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, which are sprouting up all over the country like the organic mushrooms and other products they sell.

Organic mattresses are enjoying the very same demographics that are boosting sales of organic goodies at those stores. “Seventy eight percent of families in the United States are buying certified organic products, and the organic category is growing at a 20% rate each year and now accounts for $33 billion in sales per year,” Bader said.

Coast to coast, from Long’s Bedding in New York City to Get- A-Mattress in Arroyo Grande, California, retailers are enjoying the success of OMI beds. Organic Mattresses Inc., Bader’s company, is celebrating its 10th anniversary and is still “growing rapidly.” He suggest there is still plenty of room for further growth as most retailers do not yet offer consumers the choice of organic bedding products.

“The organic mattress category has a tremendous amount of untapped demand,” Bader said. “Once the consumer is given the choice, they are willing to spend money. But today, many consumers are totally unaware that organic beds exist. If I had the money for a Super Bowl commercial, things would be different.”

However, a small advertising budget is not stopping him from doing his part to bring awareness to the OMI category. Bader is very partial to British historian Thomas Macaulay quote, “The measure of a man’s real character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out.”

“That’s how we operate this company,” Bader says with pride. “We operate with integrity and purity. You can open up our products and see the raw materials we are using. We don’t hide anything we do. Our quality shows itself when people look at our products or when they come to our factory.”


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