Volunteers Improve the Homes and Lives of Disabled Vets

A foundation set up by Home Depot will be funding the home improvements and modifications

“Team Depot” volunteers recently descended upon the home of disabled war veteran, Helen Lange, in Ogden, Utah. A foundation run by the home improvement store is sponsoring the transformation of the house. Home Depot Associate, Derek Carver says, “It’s wet, It’s cold, our volunteers aren’t deterred. We are determined to be here and give back to Helen.” Even bad weather could not deter the enthusiasm of the 75 volunteers that turned out for the home improvements that will better accommodate Lange’s needs.

Lange suffers from difficulty breathing when the air kicks up dust in the desert, a knee injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. “She served in the Air Force,” said Carver. “She has four children, a single mother that needed some help, and today we are here to give back to her.” Store manager, and a veteran, Andy Olsen said he was glad to help. “Being able to take care of someone who has paid that price for our country, stepped outside their comfort zone of what was safe to them, so it means a lot to me definitely,” he says. “That warrior ethos of never leaving someone behind really plays into the heart of all veterans.”

With age, Lange’s mobility is expected to decrease and the volunteers are here to make life a little easier through modifications to the home as well as construct a few surprises. “She knows this is happening, she’s not quite aware of the scope,” said Carver. “So there’s gonna be some surprises for her. Right behind me we have this Pinterest fountain with just some amazing work that we have put into that this morning. Back here she has an incredible view of Salt Lake City area. We are gonna do a fantastic little deck area, porch area, for her to sit back here with her family and enjoy the view.”

The volunteers put down new floors, cleared away outdoor debris and did a lot of the landscaping. The project is part of a two-month initiative by Home Depot to complete 350 service projects for veterans using over 9,000 associates.

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