Assortment of Head Torch Products Now Available in is a head torch specialist operating from London, UK. The online shop sells different varieties of head torches perfect for outdoor activities such as cycling, camping, running and many more.

A lot of people are starting to recognize the importance and benefits of having a head torch in outdoor activities. Compared to the conventional hand held torch, a head torch provides a better function in illuminating paths and areas as the light beam is pointed at the exact direction that the person is looking at. It also frees both hands unlike a hand held torch. This gives the person more things to do with his hands such as carrying equipment or grasping ahead.  The head torch is originally used in caving and mining where both hands are needed to maneuver crevices, grip rocks and carry load. At present, outdoor activities such as camping and running are starting to see the usefulness of having a head torch instead of a hand held torch. Camping activities such as cooking and hiking are easier with a head torch. Joggers and runners are able to see better with it. The light beam always corresponds to the person’s line of sight creating a better field of vision. The modern head torch is far more powerful and lightweight than its predecessor. It also has a longer battery life. There are even rechargeable head torches. A good resource website for head torches is

The company is a head torch specialist that provides a variety of head torches suitable for activities such as cycling, running, and diving. They also have head torches for industrial and sports purposes. A buyer’s guide is provided in their website to help clients choose the right type of head torch for their activity. The three best selling head torches listed are CREE XM-L T6 LED Rechargeable Head Torch, Hi gear Mini Headlight, and SuperLED Cree LED Head Torch. The specifications of these products are detailed in the website. Aside from their products, they also offer a newsletter for their clients to provide more information about head torches.

About is a head torch specialist located at 11-13 Bayley Street, London, WC1B 3HD. The online shop accepts orders any time of the day and any day of the week. Their email address is

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