3 Tips To Get You Started In Channel Marketing

Social networks have rewritten the rules of channel marketing in the 21st-century

Digital marketing platforms are growing more sophisticated now that social networks are becoming a group norm. If your business is ready to get serious about its channel marketing there are some best practice considerations when forming your strategy.

1. The Customer Is First

When beginning your channel marketing strategy, focus your discussions on your target customers. Determine your customers’ interests and how your company relates to them. “Our initiatives forward solutions that will best solve [customer] challenges according to our practice leads, engineering staff and industry partners,” said Juli Zeffert, vice president of marketing and communications at Iron Bow Technologies LLC. The Chantilly, Virginia based IT services and solution company relies on employees to identify customer tender points.

2. Social Media Sincerity

Your channel marketing strategy can be more effective using social media. However, there are many different ways to use it. Atrion Networking Corp., an integrator in Warwick, RI, keeps only its most strategic customers in mind when it updates its Twitter account. This keeps the marketers from being overwhelmed with too much information. The efforts are also closely aligned with the company’s three-year strategic plan. Iron Bow positions members of its technical teams as experts on hot technology issues across different networks. Techlinq, a solution provider in Riverdale, NJ, exclusively focuses on LinkedIn as a source of possible future hires and referrals. “When I have an opportunity to impress a new client, I use it because, frankly, it helps differentiate our company at this point,” said Anton Ruighaver, CEO for Techlinq.

3. Keep It Simple

IT support and managed services company Powersolution.com, based in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ, pulled out of an outsourced marketing contract because not a single lead was produced, said Dina Dadian, vice president of Web operations. The executive team then defined specific simple priorities and implemented them on another digital marketing platform to generate test leads for the company. They stayed away from traditional advertising and focused on the company’s Web presence, search engine optimization and other areas. “In the spirit of ‘keeping it real,’ we decided not to go full speed on all aspects of marketing,” said Dadian. “Bringing it home made sense to us.” We kept the program focused and discreet, she concluded.

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