Study Finds Possible Link Between Pastas and Depression

High levels of processed carbohydrates may be to blame for the blues

A recent study has found that there is a link between pasta and depression in those who consume it. According to the study from the Brain, Behavior, and Immunity journal, women who have diets that are high in processed carbohydrates are more likely to suffer from depression.

“Women who sipped soft drinks, ate fatty red meat, or consumed refined grains (like pasta, white bread, crackers, or chips) daily were 29 to 41 percent more likely to be diagnosed or treated for depression than those who stuck to a healthier diet,” according to an author of the study.

There are nearly 43,000 women who were studied over the last 12-year period. Researchers looked at both their dietary habits as well as their general health outcomes.

The blood tests of the women were taken as well, and the women who had diets high in red meats, soft drinks, and refined sugars all showed significant numbers in differing biomarkers of inflammation. The importance of the inflammation is that it can help the immune system. So with healthy amounts, the body is able to fight injuries and disease. However, too much inflammation can cause items like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

A study from the medical journal noted that there was a link between depression and the inflammation as well, but experts are not ready to make a direct link until more comprehensive studies are handled.

Michael Lucas, who is a co-author to the study, noted that the depression/inflammation link has not yet been fully established. Scientists are still working on what the physiological and cognitive contributors to depression are overall. Until that link is created, only probable causation can be determined.

The idea of diet effecting mood, however, is nothing too intensive. According to Lucas, foods like olive, win, coffee, and vegetables are able to decrease the risk of depression if utilized in a daily diet. Many have reported the Mediterranean diet as being the most useful for defense of both inflammation and depression, as it incorporates all the necessary ingredients.


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