Recipient of Record-Breaking Personal Injury Settlement Still Thankful Today

Decade later, the brave man who survived is still grateful for the 6Mil-pound settlement

David De-Ceci stated today that he was happy to be back in the full swing of life, and thanked all the heroes that saved him after he was thrown from his car and was close to death following a car crash.

It was a decade ago when the 28-year-old was given only minutes to live when he was air-lifted from an accident wherein he had been thrown from his vehicle on his return from a camping trip. The pile-up left him with permanent brain damage, an inability to work, and the need for a -round-the-clock care giver for the rest of his life. However, David is not one to feel sorry for himself, and says he is now ready to live life to the fullest after being so close to death.

Now, a decade on, he has become more self-reliant than many could have ever hoped for, and much has to do with his spirit and attitude. “Five years ago I couldn’t even be on my own.

“Now I’m at the gym all the time and have lost a lot of weight. I go and watch Newcastle play and do voluntary work and have a girlfriend. I’m really busy and try to get out as much as I can.”

“I can’t remember anything from the accident, but I was told by the doctors I was only seconds off losing my life.”

David’s family believes that his improvement does have as much to do with his positive attitude as it does the 6.3 million-pound personal injury settlement that was won back in 2008. The money, which was ordered by the High Court of London, was the largest at the time of the decision. It was so steep due to the nature of care David in fact needed.

David’s mother explained his necessity for help back then. “He said it used to be like his head was full of cotton wool. Things were muffled and he was mixing things up. He’s doing fantastic now. He’s got one of the best care teams I’ve known who support him 24 hours a day. They are trying to help him so he can live independently.”

She added, “If he has a down time and needs to be motivated then they’re straight in there lifting his spirits.”

Now the family does all it can to support David, but he has become more self-reliant (in the ways capable) and he is aware part of that has to do with the awarded settlement, saying “The £6m is a big help to us too and if I didn’t have that money I wouldn’t have got as far as I have today.” Pam adds, “The £6m pays for all the staff. There’s no way he could get the same level of support without that money.”


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