Spy Camera Catches Caretaker Taking Cash

A trusted caretaker was caught red handed stealing from an elderly woman’s purse

After relatives of the victim placed a tiny spy camera in a teddy bear of the room in which Margaret Birch lay, severely ill, the 81-year-old woman’s caretaker was caught stealing from the woman’s purse. Mrs. Birch’s daughter Lindsey Geary from Hinckley, England and the family decided to rig up the camera after her mother seemed to have less cash than usual. “Mum spotted her pension wasn’t lasting for the week,” she said.

To identify the notes the family recorded the serial numbers. Sandra Smith, also Mrs. Birch’s daughter says, “Mum feels as though the bedroom she calls her sanctuary has been violated. It was vile, stealing from such a frail and seriously ill person. My 86-year-old father, Owen, who was doing a marvelous job of looking after mum, now feels as if he has failed to protect her, as it was happening right under their noses.”

The caretaker, Emelie Kleen-Barry, confessed to the theft after police showed her the video of her taking the cash and putting it in her back pocket. She was on bail at the time for a similar incident. Kleen-Barry, of Stoney Stanton, admitted theft of £40, a house key, bank card and mobile phone.

While on a night out with friends, one of her acquaintances became mysteriously ill and the victims other friends went to look for a taxi, leaving Kleen-Barry to care for her, said prosecuting attorney, Jim Metcalf, at Leicester Crown Court. When they returned, Kleen-Barry said the victim had been robbed. However, when one of the friends called the victims cell, it rang in Kleen-Barry’s handbag.

The court also heard allegations that the victim was poisoned but there was no evidence to support the claim. Emelie Kleen-Barry was labeled “a parasite” by the judge that heard the two cases in Leicester Crown Court and then sentenced her to 13 months imprisonment. “We didn’t know Emelie was on bail at the time. She shouldn’t have been looking after vulnerable people while on bail for theft,” the Birch daughters agreed. Daughter Lindsey Geary said, “We feel justice has been done.”

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