THS Boiler Repairs Northampton Stressed the Causes of a Winter Boiler Breakdown

THS discusses the causes of a boiler breakdown during winter. The Northampton based boiler servicing company highlights the importance of boiler repairs during this season.

It is during winter that a boiler is very useful. It produces the heat necessary to make a house livable in winter. Without heat, the household is at risk of hypothermia and other cold related illnesses. The boiler’s importance in winter cannot be overstated. But sadly most boiler breakdowns occur during this season. There are many emergency calls to boiler servicing companies happening when the winter comes in. Fortunately, companies such as Technical Heating Services, provide boiler repairs and maintenance even during these times. They provide fast, emergency repairs on households that are suffering from boiler breakdowns. A winter boiler breakdown is a result of many things. Here are few of the most common causes of a boiler shut down.

The most common cause of a boiler breakdown is the sudden use of the machine after a long period of inactivity. The boiler usually remains unused at summer. When winter arrives, most homeowners abruptly start the machine with no proper warm up or preparation. The sudden start causes shock on the boiler’s parts and components. The shock can potentially destroy small electronic components inside the machine. If an important electronic component fails to function, it affects other parts in the boiler which leads to a shut down. Before starting a boiler, make sure that the machine is well conditioned and maintained to avoid shocking its components. The cold weather can also freeze exterior pipes. If the exterior pipes are frozen, the water can’t make its way into the boiler and there would be no heating or hot water from the taps. Thawing of pipes can be done by Gas Safe registered plumbers.

THS reminds the people in Northampton and nearby areas that regular maintenance and checking of the boiler even during summer is important to avoid boiler failure. For any boiler servicing needs, the company wishes to provide the best service that they have.

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