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Australians planning to travel domestically or abroad this coming holiday season should be sure to make travel insurance part of their plans. To that end, Downunder Insurance makes quoting and purchasing policies online quick and easy. In just a few minutes, consumers can compare the various insurance packages, get a quote, and complete a purchase.

The quote process includes a simple online form requiring the consumer to answer some basic questions regarding the number travellers, dates of travel, itineraries, etc. Once the form is completed and submitted, it takes mere moments to receive a quote. The consumer can then choose to purchase a policy or look elsewhere.

Consumers who decide to purchase online from the site will be pleased to know the secure server and payment site keep credit card and personal information protected. Customers can make their purchase online without having to worry about their information being compromised or used illegally.

Types of Travel Cover

Downunder Insurance offers five basic plans to which a number of extra benefits can be added. The five basic plans include domestic travel, international backpacker, comprehensive, annual frequent travel, and a special package known as International Experience Canada. All the details of each package can be obtained by visiting the company’s website.

When travelling abroad, insurance becomes much more vital. Downunder policies cover things like lost or stolen baggage and medical emergencies. This type of cover protects individuals from severe financial loss should they run into trouble when they’re away from Australia. But even travelling domestically does have its risks. A Downunder domestic policy covers travellers just as well.

The company’s domestic policy is their most affordable and offers cover for accidental death or disability, theft of currency, loss of travel documents and credit cards, loss of personal effects, travel delays, and more. A domestic policy is the best way to cover travel within Australia.

For those over 65, there is no need to worry about finding adequate travel insurance for the next holiday. Downunder has policy options specifically geared toward consumers like these. They have cover that will meet the over-65’s needs at a price they can afford.

Australia’s travel season is fast approaching. Downunder Insurance recommends every consumer treat travel insurance as part of his or her normal plans and budget. For the little amount of money they will spend, they will get a lot of protection in return. Without appropriate cover, the next holiday could turn into a financial nightmare.

About Downunder Insurance

Downunder Insurance is an online travel insurance specialist offering many different types of domestic and international coverage to Australia’s travellers. The company began in 1992 as a motor insurance provider in the UK. They have since expanded to include their travel insurance in Australia, the UK, and New Zealand. Further questions about Africa travel insurance and Downunder Insurance can be directed to any of the below:



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