GCR Inc. to be Featured on 21st Century Business Television series November 7, 2013

MMP (USA), Inc. is pleased to announce that GCR Inc. will be airing on 21st Century Business on CNBC (as paid programming.).

Boca Raton, FL (TBD) — MMP (USA), Inc. is pleased to announce that GCR Inc. will be airing on 21st Century Business on CNBC (as paid programming.).

GCR is a planning and professional services led firm, empowered by technology, comprised of platform-based solutions created by industry experts and delivered to industries such as Aviation, Energy/Utilities and Federal, State, Municipal and international governments, for the purpose of business process improvements and timely, intelligent decision making.

For 34 years, GCR has provided intellectually innovative, technologically-based solutions to their clients’ business problems. GCR’s business model has them work in close coordination with their customers’ leadership, business analysts and technical specialists to create and deploy enterprise-wide, shared service solutions. These solutions improve business operations, reduce costs and provide analytical decision-making information.  Whether it’s complex systems integration projects, developing websites, maintaining one of the aviation industry’s largest business intelligence databases, designing custom applications for a large state agency, or providing geographic information systems (GIS) solutions to counties and cities recovering from a natural disaster, GCR makes sure their clients’ current and future needs are met while anticipating challenging operational and economic conditions.

GCR, headquartered in New Orleans, La., with two additional offices strategically located in Louisiana, also has offices in Los Angeles, Calif., and the Washington, D.C., area.    

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming at MMP (USA), Inc. added, “As an innovator and a leader in their industry, GCR Inc. is a natural fit for our show. We are excited to have them as a guest on our program.”

For more information go to www.GCRincorporated.com

Click the following link for airing schedule: http://www.21cbtv.com/nov-13-clearance/21cbtv2533-cnbc.pdf

About GCR Inc.

At its core, GCR is a consulting firm that has transformed themselves into an innovative solution provider. The tools and techniques developed in their consulting work have opened many private and public sector doors in a myriad of business areas, including aviation, complex systems integration, right-of-way acquisition, disaster recovery, custom software development, utilities, nuclear energy, elections systems and processes, law enforcement and jurisdictional analysis.

The experts at GCR, from planners to aviation experts from program managers to software developers, all have one thing in common: the absolute passion to solve their clients’ problems. In fact, some would say that problem solving has become GCR’s corporate mission.

The thing that differentiates GCR from many single-threaded large and small IT companies is that they see technology, and the ability to solve project or enterprise issues using technology, as a means to an end, not as the end itself.

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