Infographic Shares History and Statistics of Heart Transplants

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A procedure over 40 years old helping many live on

Recently an infographic from Just Save Lives was released looking at heart transplantation in the world today. A procedure which can never truly be taken for granted, there is much that many can learn about the transplantation history and statistics.

With over 3,500 transplants performed per year world-wide, literally hundreds of thousand of individuals can thank Christiaan Barnard of South Africa for his work in performing the first successful heart transplant. Barnard did so at the tail-end of 1967.

The first successful transplant was unfortunately followed by the first host rejection, and cyclosporine and tacrolimus were created in order to assist in anti-rejection capabilities for those who received transplants.

Throughout the history of transplant use, over 72% of individuals are male. Nearly half of all patients live 10 years following the surgery. Another 16% live more than 20 years. This statistic is somewhat skewed considering that many who receive the transplantation are advanced in age.

The infographic points out that while the operation is intensive and serious, the procedure itself actually takes only a shade over four hours. The procedure is not cheap one either, with cost measuring up to over $787,000.

Just Save Lives’ infographic also points out some helpful tips for avoiding every needing such a surgery. Removing intake of nicotine and tobacco use is considered an important first step, while working out at last 30 minutes for at least four days per week is considered useful. Eating heart-healthy diets and avoiding overly fatty or salty foods is also important. Finally, maintaining a healthy weight and receiving regular health screenings can make the difference thanks to early detections of any potential risks. hopes the information gets individuals thinking about the reality and risks of heart and other organ transplants. By providing quality information on the procedures and services, they hope to assist people learning more about he live-saving opportunities that exist.

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