Landmark Cash Releases Infographic on the History of the $100 Bill

Evolution of the $100 Dollar Bill
Evolution of the $100 Bill in the United States

The $100 bill has once again been altered for the United States currency, and it is nowhere near the first time this has occurred. Just like the country itself, the $100 note has changed its look many times throughout the past. Now, Landmark Cash has released an infographic that takes us through the steps of the evolution of the iconic currency note.

The first bill was a simple white note that had the country’s name. Created in 1862, the bill possessed a 100 mark and United States written in large bolded letters. A five-number serial was also added to it to ensure authenticity.

The note continue d to change until it held the face of Abraham Lincoln in 1880, and was decorated with a portrait of a woman and child on the opposing corner of the front-side. Ten years later the note changed to hold Admiral David G Farragut. The note was nicknamed the “watermelon note” based on the shape of the 0’s that were on the reverse side of the bill.

According to the infographic,1914 marked the first year wherein Benjamin Franklin was added to the bill. On the reverse side of that first bill was the allegorical figures that represented items like labor, plenty, peace, commerce, and of course America.

In 1929 the bill was changed in its size to fit what we expect a $100 note to look like. The bill became the standardized carrying size as well. The bill also utilized the likeness of Franklin as a mainstay, not to be altered again.

The infographic shows that throughout the subsequent century, the bill was changed in many small ways in its look at style. In 1962, a large change came in the way of the bill no longer being redeemable in silver, and the statement “Will pay to the bearer on demand” was forever removed from the note. In that same year, In God We Trust was added, pushed by the religious right wing that wished to push against the tenets of Communism.

Recent changes to the bill come in the way of security from pirating and forgery, rather than any other factors. Holograms and 3D security ribbons have been added to the bill in order to make it almost impossible to counterfeit.

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