3 Things That Are Buys In November

Items with the lowest price points in the month of November

For the budget-conscious consumer November marks the happiest time of year. As the lead up to Black Friday approaches, many bargains can be found and some products hit their lowest pricing points of the season and year. Here are three items to be on the lookout for as retailers jockey for position in the endless race for your dollars.

1. Cookware

There are not many times of year when the needs for a product and the perfect time to buy coincide. However, in November when you are going through your pots and pans, looking for the holes in your arsenal, for that battle that is called holiday cooking; numerous stores are putting their arms on sale.

Editors’ Choice cookware deals doubled in November of last year, in comparison to the eleven other months, and held steady through December. November is becoming the time to buy cookware and a trend may be developing. There were 41 percent more cookware deals in November of 2012 than October of the same year. The deals allow you to get your mitts on bakeware, small appliances, cutlery sets, cookware and more just in time for Thanksgiving.

2. Candy

What better way to fuel your energy for all that cooking and shopping ahead of you than stocking up on some sugary candy. With Halloween over stores that have overstocked on the blood sugar enhancing energy source are just about giving the stuff away. The best time to buy Halloween items, including candy, starts November 1. Although you will not be able to use decorations and costumes immediately, you can sure chow down on the sweet stuff and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup tastes the same even if it is shaped like a pumpkin.

3. Turkey

If you have a large freezer, November is the best month to stock up on turkeys. Many grocery stores offer a free turkey to shoppers that spend a certain amount, so why not get your shopping done and pick up a few birds for latter in the year. A Thanksgiving Day meal also taste just as good any time of year.

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