Jennifer Tressen Announces The Publication of Her Long Awaited Book – “Sleeping in the Morgue”

Fans of Jennifer Tressen will not be disappointed as they join the author in exploring the dark side of life with a suspense filled plot.

CORONA, CALIFORNIA, November 7, 2013, Fans of Jennifer Tressen have been eagerly awaiting her to finish her next book and make it available online. Jennifer has announced the publication of her new book: “Sleeping In The Morgue”, which is now available at Amazon and other booksellers. To say that fans will not be disappointed is a gross understatement, as the reception of this new book has been overwhelmingly favorable. 

“Sleeping in the Morgue” is written in a very easy to read style. The reader feels as if they are part of the story, and watching it unfold before their eyes. As the story progresses, the reader is on the edge of their seat, filled with suspense, and eager to see what the next chapter holds. The author should receive credit for the ability to hold a reader’s attention and interest from the first to the last page, all while covering some dark-side situations and adding a dash of humor.

“Sleeping In The Morgue” is a cleverly conceived tale about a young lady growing up in the shadows of her parents’ Mortuary Business. The main character, Paige Thorton, only has one month to materialize the ten thousand dollars needed to pay for college, but the family business is not doing well. Page desperately wants to escape her little town and attend her dream school, so she has no choice but to take matters into her own hands. She knows what she must do to drum-up some business, enter the dark side.

Soon “accidents” begin happening around town and low and behold, the family business is starting to do better. The only problem is that Paige’s boyfriend is the local hotshot cop and he in on the case. Things start to get hairy and the reader is pulled into the storyline. With all of the plot twists it becomes harder and harder to put this book down.

Jennifer Tressen has loved writing since her childhood days, when her mother instilled a passion for literature. She grew up in the entertainment industry as a child actor working in commercials, television shows and print ads. Jennifer earned a Screenwriting Degree from Chapman University. The leap into writing literature was an easy one. Her books are varied, covering a wide range of genres and interests. One of her recently published books is a “Pretty Little Liars” novella entitled “Who are You?” She is working on her next novel, “A Life”, which will be out in December, 2013.

For complete information on her latest book, visit: Sleeping In The Morgue

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