New High Potency Multivitamin Contains the Highest Doses of Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients in a Single Daily Dose

Power Source One contains maximum doses of over 50 scientifically proven medical-grade ingredients to boost immune system, prevent breast and prostate issues, anti aging and more.

Spring Hill, FL – Optimal Health Technologies recently announced the release of its nutritional supplement and high potency multivitamin named Power Source One, supporting core system building blocks for anti-aging, stress reduction, energy flow, immune system support and more.  Special ingredients such as Resveratrol, CoQ10, R Lipoic Acid, Ginseng and Green Tea Extract are often not found in ordinary multivitamins. Power Source One retails for $67.77.

“A major goal of my medical practice is to give my patients all the critical vitamins and supplements they need to regain or maintain their health”, says Dr. Calin Pop, creator of Power Source One. “The problem was what was commercially available had only very low doses, and medical studies proved that high medical-strength doses consistently showed better results. So my team and I created Power Source One, which contains the highest level of medical-strength ingredients that can be formulated into a single dose on the market today.”

Most multivitamins and one-a-day vitamins on the market today contain low doses of just select vitamins and minerals. They do not include high levels of stress adaptogens, amino acids, herbal modulators so that all the essential building blocks are covered. In addition, Power Source One features high levels of glutathione precursors and mitochondrial help like CoQ10 for maximum energy flow.

“The ingredient combination was carefully designed to aid in a plethora of medical conditions,” reports Dr. Pop. “Those conditions include prevention of cardiovascular problems, kidney stones, memory loss, and fatigue.”

In addition to ingredients supporting the core system building blocks, Power Source One contains high doses of vitamin B12 in the form of methyl cobalamin, the highest grade, for memory support and brain protection with Alzheimer prevention properties, as well as hormone balancers to help prevent breast and prostate issues, adrenal gland and fatigue support and to boost immune system.

“There is nothing over the counter we are aware of with the strength and efficacy of Power Source One,” says Dr. Pop. “Power Source One also comes with a money back guarantee; try it with no risk and claim your freedom from illness, fatigue and daily stress.”

Power Source one is available at

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