Ingrain Rocks to Appear on 21st Century Business Television Series, November 13, 2013 on CNBC (as paid programming)

MMP (USA), Inc. is pleased to announce that Ingrain Rocks will be featured on 21st Century Business.

Boca Raton, FL (November 11, 2013)— Ingrain was organized in 2007 by Amos Nur, Ph.D. and Henrique Tono, Ph.D. Officially, Ingrain is just a few years old but the science, the technology and the business concept are based on intellectual property created during 30 years of groundbreaking work in rock physics by Dr. Amos Nur at Stanford University.

Rock physics is the linkage between geophysics and what we want to know about the reservoir — characterization (physical properties) and monitoring (fluid flow). Rock physics can be used to improve well placement, to achieve better recovery rates, and to improve wellbore management. Physical measurements of rock properties are slow and cumbersome to conduct, can be difficult to do well. Most importantly, physical measurements are often sparse due to high cost and long turnaround time. As the oil and gas industry moves increasingly to use advanced reservoir simulations, digital rock physics offers a rapid, cost-effective solution for populating the simulation with rock properties information.

Ingrain’s advances in 3D imaging technology provide oil and gas companies with comprehensive and accurate measurements of reservoir rock properties including porosity, absolute permeability, electrical conductivity, elastic properties and relative permeability. Ingrain’s financial backers include Energy Ventures, a leading venture capital firm specializing in upstream technology.

With labs in Houston and Abu Dhabi, and offices in Calgary and Rio de Janeiro, Ingrain now has over 70 employees and continues to expand our client base internationally.

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About Ingrain Rocks

Ingrain’s mission is to provide a fast and efficient flow of detailed and accurate information about the porosity, permeability, resistivity, and elastic properties of rock samples. Ingrain operations are integrated into a single procedure, significantly increasing both the quality and the quantity of reservoir rock information which underlies field development in the oil and gas industries.

By using advanced CT scanning techniques, and the processing and segmentation of the resulting images, we are able to create three-dimensional digital representations of reservoir rocks. These representations then form the basis for fluid dynamics and rock physics computational engines, by which the properties of the original rock samples are rapidly and reliably determined.

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