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The SSD Application Process: Know Your Rights
The SSD Application Process: Know Your Rights

Understanding one’s rights in the SSD application process is key, which is why SS Rights created an infographic to assist individuals in navigating the Social Security legal processes.

Nearly 58 million Americans currently receive Social Security benefits. That tally, according to the infographic, comes out the $816 billion dollars. And there is a growing possibility that you could be one of the many who takes in such a supplemental income.

Unfortunately, a staggering 25% of those who are 20 and over will become disabled before he/she reaches the age of 67, when SS is usually received. That can mean a financial future that is wholly uncertain and underfunded.

Qualifying for SSD, in its basic form, means one has to have worked in jobs that were covered within Social Security. Or the individual must meet the medical conditions that define disability. Then the process of making a claim is necessary.

According to the infographic, applying and making a claim means filling out applications. This processes can be done either by phone or by visiting the a local representative’s office. Once a complete disability application is sent out claims are looked over and determined. Examiners for disability claims are handled by an examiner. It often takes three to four months before a decision is rendered.

According to the graphic, medical records and contract with the claimant can be requested by the examiner. They may also confer with specialists to determine necessity of SS services. It is also possible that the claimant will be sent to a medical examination for more direct and personalized examining.

Once all evidence is gathered a claim can be made. And the denial of the claim is most common. Making sure you look over how and why one deserves Social Security benefits is key to making sure your claim is not denied like the other 70% that unfortunately do not pass inspection.

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