Interior and Exterior Design Walk Hand and Hand

To make a building project look beautiful, you should pay as much attention to the inside as you do to the outside

When most people think of interior design, they think of furniture but it is much more than that. The proper way to approach interior design is through your personality. Your home should be a reflection of you for it to be truly comfortable.

If you take the furniture approach, your house will end up clustered with a lot of furniture and look very clumsy. Light will have a hard time entering your home and you will sit there wondering why you feel so melancholy. Proper interior design starts in the construction phase of your home. It is in the paint you apply to your house.

Ideally, an interior designer works hand in hand with the architect. Planning for the interior should begin before the structure has been built. For instance, the placement of stairways and whether windows should be wide or high should be collaboration between your architect, interior designer and yourself, based on your personality and preferences.

Paint color is important in this phase of decision-making. Choosing the color to apply on your house exterior should be based on how you want the interior to look and the nature of the rooms that are to be painted. Some colors make a room look big and others make it look small.

The key elements of the room design are space, color, light, texture, sound and volume. These elements work together to form the ambiance of the room and make it comfortable for your type of personality.

For example, if you were designing a log cabin, you would want rough, wooden textures that create a rustic mood. Some colors, such as blue, are used in prisons and psychiatric wards because the color can help calm you down and people in these facilities are already under extreme stress.


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