Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Contains Massive Changes

There are many changes to the COD: Ghosts Multiplayer new release that the avid fan should be aware of

These ere are just some of the changes compiled by ardent Call of Duty fans that have spent some time in multiplayer and rest assured there are many more to be discovered. For one thing the graphics are stunning, whether you are on the battlefield or not, and map changing events are literally earth shattering – particularly the earthquake. Extinction has also been described as ultra exciting, straight up and more interesting than Zombies ever was.

Watching your murderous children is glorious after investing all your time and effort into a strategy, more than ever when you see them kicking tail. CoD is no longer the SMG/Quickscopefest it once was and Squads is more fun than ever, killing bots at least. In CoD Ghosts, the best part of multiplayer death match is calling in rewards, racking up big kill streaks and finishing the game at the top of the leader board.

The game is much tougher on the brain with numerous and long lines of sight that demand creativity in the variety in weapon decisions. The strategic possibilities for niche load outs expand the perk system and blow it wide open. You can spend a lot of time in theory constructing, while experimenting with the wide choice of categories.

There is a greater risk/reward scenario capability with the new release and proper field operations or briefcases can make your day. The best survival mode in a Call of Duty game is Safeguard, with up to two rerolls on the support packages, loot rounds, difficult ammo management and artificial intelligence (AI) that attempts to sneak up behind, and knife you.


CoD Ghosts Guide ( provides the best CoD guide and tactics to beat your competitors and improve your kill death ratio. After all, the best part of multiplayer deathmatch in CoD Ghosts is racking up big kill streaks, calling in rewards, and ending the match at the top of the score list.

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