5 Common Questions In The Restoration Process

Vital questions to ask when doing classic car restoration

With the rising cost of automobiles, more and more people are restoring their older cars rather than buying new ones. If you are one of these people, you probably have many questions about the task. Here are a few answers to common questions that often arise:

1. Will the vehicle be worth more?

No, unlike putting money into your house, putting money into your car will not add value to it in most circumstances. A vehicle is an asset that depreciates and restoring it is just a part of the maintenance procedure if you wish to keep the car. Unless you received the vehicle at a very low cost, restoring it will not bring you a profit.

2. Can you tell how much damage a car has by just looking at it?

No, even if two cars come off the assembly line one after another they will age differently. Aging depends on many factors including how it was driven, stored, maintained and what part of the country it has spent time in. Northern cars generally have exterior rust over time because of salt on the roads during winter, while southern car exteriors hold up better. However, southern car motors and drive trains generally wear out quicker because of the heat. You will never really know the extent of the restoration until you start dismantling it.

3. Do you have to restore the whole vehicle at one time?

No, everything does not have to be done at once. You can focus on different aspects of the restoration and do them in segments. You can work with your shop manager to determine what needs to be done first depending on the cars condition and your budget.

4. Will a quote be the exact cost?

No, the quote is a ballpark estimate based on previous repairs involving the particular model of the vehicle. It is an educated guess and many other problems may be discovered, as the dismantling process gets underway. You will never know the true cost until the vehicle is ready for paint.

5. How do you pick the right shop?

The best way to choose a shop is to visit it beforehand. See if the shop looks clean and organized. See if the workers look motivated and happy or if it looks like a labor camp. These are the individuals that will be working on your car; if they are not happy with their job, the chances are, you will not be happy with the job they do on your restoration.

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