Winter Pool Maintenance

The preference to close and cover your pool for the winter depends on your location

Now that autumn has arrived and winter is quickly approaching, you have a decision to make concerning pool maintenance. Homeowners in Lexington, South Carolina and the surrounding area have less of a burden than locations further north, since the temperature does not stay below freezing for long periods. However, the temperature will be cold enough that you most likely will not be using the pool much. To save on the costs of electricity and pool maintenance you may want to close it down and cover it up.

Covering your pool also has its share of expense in replacing the cover every couple of years and removing the green algae from the stagnant water when you open the pool up. Many homeowners in South Carolina just keep the pool open and the water clean and balanced to avoid the clean up costs. You do not have to maintain the pool as stringently as you would in the summer months since you will not be using it often.

From October to March, it takes a strong heart to jump into the frigid water unless you heat it. Most people put the pump, filter on a timer and run it every so often to keep it clean. However, you should maintain the proper chlorine balance in the water to keep it free of algae and bacteria. Additionally, be sure your pump is set to come on automatically if the temperature drops below 40 degrees F. This will keep the water moving and reduce ice build up on cold nights and those rare occasions when the temperature stays below freezing for a few days.


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