New Companies Look to Ease Outgoing Payment and Staffing Struggles

Temporary staffing made easier by remote and online entities

For start-up managers, the all-too-common feeling of being overwhelmed should not come as a surprise when it hits. That does not mean it is without its normal burden, however, as Anne Ricci found out when her San Mateo company, Platfora, increased from 37 to 60 employees.

For Ricci and her company, with each new employee, there was more to do. From the obvious items like invoices and insurance, to the simple things like ordering and supplying more pens. It was all necessary.

“As a growing company, we are conscious about overstaffing or understaffing,” says Ricci, who ultimately settled on a kitchen helper to come in three mornings per week. “The reason we went with TaskRabbit was for the flexibility to fill that role.”

Taskrabbit is a local low-cost and online-based temp-services agency that helps with supplying part-timers as well as intermediate temporary workers.

Remote temps are a rather new concept, but for large cities there is the right amount of supply and demand, and companies like TaskRabbit make the system of gaining support in employment easier. Invoices and payments are also made easier as they are able to handle much of the work that would otherwise be left to the overburdened manager/owner, like Ricci.

“We’re transparent about our fees on both sides,” says Anne Raimondi, TaskRabbit’s chief revenue officer. “So it’s easy for everybody to see what the [worker] will make, what we make and then what the total amount the client pays is.”

Fancy Hands is another like company, and handles subscription services that provide a certain amount of work on a flat rate. This removes the need for payment invoices and so forth. The automated system works on algorithms to estimate time and effort to handle specific tasks a company may need. That way, the payment process is streamlined and handled for busy managers.

“People tend to forget to do things here and there when it comes to hiring temps,” says Fancy Hands founder Ted Roden. “Our computers do not.”


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